In order to activate a security for trading on Xetra®, it is necessary to determine a Designated Sponsor. The Designated Sponsor ensures the continuous tradability of the security by positioning binding quotations according to the minimal requirements of the German Stock Exchange concerning the spread and the volume. On-going trading then takes place in the trans-European electronic trading system Xetra® in an open order book situation.
How do your stock and your investor relations team benefit?

  • Designated Sponsoring is a core business area at Renell Bank;
  • Our team ensures personal contact to excellent expertise in the capital market 12 hours every day – long after many others are no longer available;
  • We supply you with the desired data, charts and individualised reports about your company and about your peer group;
  • Transparency is the foundation of trust. You can follow the developments in your stock, the volumes involved, as well as those of your peer group in Xetra® – and that in real time;
  • We always surpass the minimal requirements of the German Stock Exchange for quoting and, because of our tight spreads, provide for even more attractiveness of your security. We enjoy the highest rating of the German Stock Exchange: Certificate_DS_AA-Rating_Q1-2019;
  • We are your point of contact for many other services in the capital market, such as research, communications with investors and placements.

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