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Fund boutiques and their investment products have enjoyed a high level of media attention for several years. The market share of investment funds offered by independent asset managers or fund boutiques has been growing significantly for several years. With niche strategies and clear focus, they convince institutional and private investors.

However, the challenges to establish themselves independently are immense, time-consuming and very cost-intensive.
RENELL provides individual investment specialists with the infrastructure, regulatory setup and targeted marketing and sales support.




A modern IT infrastructure helps in all aspects of the fund business. In addition to the trading processes, this also includes the respective pre- and post-trading processes.




Fund partners receive support within the legal framework for the provision of investment advice.




Thanks to a global network to various banks and brokers, all trades, whether bonds, stocks, derivatives or FX, can be executed quickly and cost-efficiently.




We are the central point of contact for all aspects of marketing your own fund and help you to actively market your fund concept in order to attract new investors.

We support you in the realization of new investment funds. We cooperate intensively with capital management companies and custodian banks. We would be happy to help you set up your own private label fund. Each fund is an individual solution. Consequently, every cooperation of our fund service platform with a fund initiator is individual. We are happy to take the time to understand your ideas and to work out a suitable constellation together with you, the capital management company and the fund’s custodian bank.

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