RENELL Asset Management offers private and institutional investors innovative, value-creating and risk-reducing additions to traditional equity and bond portfolios. To this end, we deliberately focus on selected areas in which we or our partners have pronounced expertise and can generate added value for our clients.

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Liquid Alternatives

In the fund industry, liquid alternatives have seen rapid development in recent years, and for good reason.
Demanding return requirements as well as a lack of diversification in traditional investments have created a real need for alternative investment solutions.

Liquid Alternatives represent alternative solutions that convince through their risk/return profile, liquidity and transparency as well as their high flexibility. Liquid alternative investment solutions can perform various roles within a portfolio. For example, they provide access to different sources of return (return diversification), they can reduce volatility and provide a hedge in falling markets (hedging). Or they can provide a simple yet flexible approach to spreading risk (risk diversification).

In recent years, liquid alternatives have experienced rapid development



Volatility strategies have now established themselves within Liquid Alternatives as a fixed component in the asset allocation of institutional investors.

RENELL Asset Management views volatility as an asset class in its own right, requiring a high degree of specialization and trading experience. Our expertise is applied in option-based investment solutions to efficiently exploit alternative risk premiums. We use a variety of different volatility strategies, supported by in-house databases and a sophisticated trading infrastructure.

Volatility markets are global, transparent, liquid and efficiently accessible to both institutional and retail investors. Despite the large number of market participants and high trading volumes, structural imbalances exist in volatility markets through which specialized investment approaches can generate sustainable returns.

In our actively managed volatility strategies, we specialize in exploiting these structural imbalances by combining different strategy building blocks.