premium income

2023 UCITS Hedge Awards Winner

Mar 14, 2023

At the UCITS Hedge Awards 2023 of the renowned British trade magazine “The Hedge Fund Journal”, the Premium Income Fund was awarded “Best Performing Fund over 3 Years” in the category “Short Volatility (Quantitative)“.

The UK jury looks at risk-adjusted performance using the Sharpe Ratio. The award recognizes the best UCITS-compliant hedge funds across a range of asset classes, strategies and time periods. All winners can be found in the 2023 UCITS Hedge Awards overview.

The Premium Income fund impressed the judges in its category over the past three years with annual performances of +7.05% (2020), +7.42% (2021) and -2.52% (2022), while maintaining low volatility.

All winners can be found in the overview of the UCITS Hedge Awards 2023.


“We are delighted that our strategy has won this international award,” comments fund advisor Tarek Saffaf on the success. “The last three years have not been an easy time for short-biased volatility strategies. Especially in the extreme market conditions during the Corona crisis and the Ukraine war, many volatility strategies suffered large losses. We are all the more pleased that the Premium Income strategy was able to fully convince during this time.”

Volatility premium as an alternative source of return

The Premium Income fund pursues the goal of systematically skimming volatility risk premiums from equities to provide investors with an alternative (beta) source of return. By combining different strategy building blocks, a diversified portfolio is constructed to generate predominantly independent returns. The underlying investment is predominantly bonds with good credit ratings and short to medium maturities.